Financial Incentives 

New Milford and the State of Connecticut offer many financial incentives and benefits to new and expanding business investments. To get a customized proposal about your project, including estimates of financial programs, please contact New Milford Economic Development at 860-355-5001 or through email.

Local Incentives 

> Municipal Tax Abatement

New Milford has the most aggressive abatement policy in Western Connecticut, offering up to 100% for FIVE YEARS on major commercial and industrial development projects.  Contact the Economics Development Director after looking  through the following:|

>corporation for New Milford Economic Development Financial Incentives

The Corporation for New Milford Economic Development, a 501c3 non-profit corporation founded in 2010, offers multiple financial incentives for businesses investing in New Milford.
Click here for a Program Brochure.

> Façade Improvement Grants & Loans

The Corporation for New Milford Economic Development offers direct loans and grants to New Milford businesses and commercial property owners located in the Village Center for façade improvements. Up to $5,000 in low cost funding can be used for new doors, repainting, repair of walls and windows, installation of cornices, awnings and other exterior improvements that will beautify the village.

Corporation for New Milford Economic Development Financial Incentives: 

>CNMED Facade Loan and Grant Program

Small businesses in New Milford needing to make improvements to their facades with lighting, signage, awnings, plantings or furniture may apply for up to $5,000 in a combination of loan and grant funds. Applicants must have a 20% investment in the total improvement project.

Façade Program Guidelines
Façade Program Application

>COMING SOON - Sewer Hoopup Fee INcentive