Due to the debris caused by the recent storm, the open burn permit fee has been waived until Labor Day.  You still need to obtain a permit through the Fire Marshal's office, but the fee has been waived.  Click HERE for permit.

As the clean-up continues in the affected areas, starting on 5/29/18 NMDPW will be picking up wood debris. Please make a neat pile on the shoulder of the road.  They will make a pass once through the area. Click HERE for a list of roads. For more information you can email the NMDPW at:


Town of New Milford
Town Council Members

9 members

2 year term:  12/01/17 - 11/30/19

   Name   EMail
 (D)    Walter M. Bayer
 (R)    Thomas Esposito
 (R)    Katy Francis, Vice Chair 
 (R)    Michael Gold, Parliamentarian
 (D)    Lisa C. Hida
 (D)    Peter Mullen
 (R)    Michael Nahom
 (R)    Douglas Skelly
 (R)    Paul Szymanski 

To send an email to all of the Members of the Town Council: