HOMEOWNERS OR SOC SEC DISABILITY PROGRAM   Disabled Applicants do not have to meet the age requirement

2016 Grand List Income Levels for Homeowners

Single $35,200              Married $42,900

Filing period February 1st to May 15th


If you need a copy of your Social Security 2016 Earnings:

 Soc Security Announces Online Service

Single $ (Soc. Sec. + Adjusted Gross Inc + Non taxable Income)

Married $ (Soc. Sec. + Adjusted Gross Inc + Non taxable Income)

You must own and reside at the property for which tax relief is sought on October 1st.
You or your spouse  must have been 65 years of age at the close of the preceding calendar year
There is an income limit for this exemption. Income includes pensions, wages, interest on accounts, lottery winnings, IRA withdrawals, net rental income plus taxes etc. plus Social Security Form SSA1099 for both applicants. Income Tax has to be provided.
The limits are set each year by the State of Connecticut and are subject to change. Each year new amounts will be posted on this Website

TOWN ELDERLY AND SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY PROGRAM - same qualification as State, except income is:

Adjusted Gross Income + 1/2 of Social Security + Non Taxable Income

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  • State Statute12-170aa
  • Town ordinance 12-24 thru 12-28.1 
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