Volunteer Abatement

$1000 will be abated from Real Estate. If no Real Estate, then applied to Motor Vehicle, then Personal Property.

Covering the Following Departments:

Water Witch Volunteer Fire Department

Northville Volunteer Fire Department

Gaylordsville Volunteer Fire Department

Community Ambulance Corp

Property must be owned individually, jointly or as tenants in common

If amount is more than the tax amount due, there shall be no carryover of any credit to the next fiscal year.

Volunteer MUST complete and sign a Certificate of Residency and Eligibility annually. The Department Chief or President will complete application sheet for members and turn into the Assessor's Office, with residency sheets, as a packet by May 15th. 



Additional Links

  • Town Ordinance Chapter 23.6; 23.7; 23-7.1; 23.8; 23.9; 23.10; 23.11 

Contact Information

Water Witch Jim Ferlow    354-4023
Gaylordsville Karl Fuchs   354-6396
Northville Stark Weiner     354-8194
Lanesville                           354-2952

Community Ambulance Ellen Healey