Zoning Schedule for Current and Upcoming Public Hearings

The following is a list of Public Hearings (current and upcoming) for special permit & site plan applications submitted to the Zoning Commission.

For additional information please refer to the current Zoning agenda.  Agendas & Minutes are available on the home page of the website under "Government".

Applications are available for review in the Zoning Office during normal business hours.

Open Public Hearings

O’Reilly Auto Parts, Special Permit and Site Plan Applications under Chapters 45, 175, and 180 to allow the construction of a 7,800 SF Retail Auto Parts Store with associated parking, drainage, lighting, and landscaping with requested modifications under Section 130-070, on property located at 55 Danbury Road, Map 22.4, Lot 12.1 in the B-2 zone.  (Open as of November 28, 2017)

Scheduled Public Hearings

JANUARY 23, 2018

Housatonic River Brewery, LLC, Special Permit and Site Plan Applications under Section 040-020(4) and Chapters 120, 175, and 180 to allow the conversion of an existing 3,200 SF retail building to a microbrewery along with the construction of a covered outdoor deck, detached bathroom building, and associated parking, lighting, landscaping, and drainage improvements on 30 Kent Road and the 2 abutting properties to the north, Map 28.3, Lots 26.1 & 26.2, Map 35.1, 26.3, all in the B-1 zone.

FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Town of New Milford - Farmland and Forest Preservation Committee, Application to Amend the New Milford Zoning Regulations, Chapter 25, Single Family Residence District, Section 025-050, Agricultural Uses, Subsection (B) to amend the standards for permitted “Farm Product Stands”, and Subsection (C) to add “Slaughterhouse and Animal Processing Facility” as a permitted agricultural use; and Chapter 15, Definitions, to amend the existing “Farm” definition and to add new definitions for “Custom Slaughter Facility”, “Personal Slaughter”, and “Slaughterhouse and Animal Processing Facility”.

Corbo Associates, Inc., Map Amendment Application to change the zoning designation of 2 rear lots on the west side of Kent Road, Map 34, Lots 20.A3 & 20.A2, adjacent to 255 Kent Road, totaling 2.76 acres in area, from the Restricted Business (B-1) Zone to the General Business (B-2) Zone.