Proposed Amendments and Adopted Amended Zoning Regulations

The following are proposed Zoning regulation amendments in which public hearings are currently or will be held.
Copies of the proposed amendments are on file with the Zoning and Town Clerks Office.

Proposed Zoning Regulation Amendments

Chapter 15 -Proposed Amendment to Section 015-010 and Chapter 25 - Proposed Amendment to Section 025-050
Revised version - 4/10/18
Revised version - 3/19/18
Revised version - 3/9/18
Original version submitted with application
(Public Hearing Closed on April 10, 2018 )

Chapter 40 - Proposed Amendment to Section 040-020(4)
(Public Hearing Scheduled for April 24, 2018)

Chapter 130 - Proposed Amendment to Section 130-040
(Public Hearing Scheduled for April 24, 2018)

The following are adopted amendments to the Zoning Regulations.
Copies of the adopted amendments are on file with the Zoning and Town Clerk's Office.

Adopted Amended Zoning Regulations

Appendix B - Schedule of Fees  - New fees effective October 13, 2017
Fee Ordinance approved by Town Council on September 11, 2017

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