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Fire Marshal's Office, 10 Main St, New Milford, Connecticut

Fire Marshal Kevin Reynolds

Deputy Fire Marshal Edwin Pagan 

Part Time Secretary Donna Talarico

Telephone: 860-355-6099

Fax: 860-355-4609 


Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

For added convenience, Saturday inspections are available at certain times throughout the year. Please call during regular office hours for more information. 

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Town of New Milford's Fire Marshal's Office home page. It is the mission of the New Milford, CT Fire Marshal's Office to provide professional life safety protection and reduce the harm associated with fires, explosions and mechanical failures to the citizens of the Town of New Milford through risk assessment and prevention programs, education and investigation as regulated by applicable Connecticut State Laws.


Fire Alarm Ordinance

The Fire Marshal's Office is establishing a campaign focusing on the Town Fire Alarm Ordinance beginning on January 1, 2018. This ordinance was established over twelve years ago and fines offenders of the ordinance after two false alarms within the same calendar year. 

"It is determined that the number of false alarms being made to the Fire Departments hinders the efficiency of those Departments, lowers the morale of Department personnel, constitutes a danger to the general public in the streets during responses to false alarms and jeopardizes the response of volunteers; and that the adoption of this article will reduce the number of false alarms and promote the repsonsible use of alarm devices in New Milford by the alarm user." (From ARTICLE II, Fire Alarms, §2A-21, Legislative determination.) 

Please contact Fire Marshal Kevin Reynolds, Alarm Administrator, with questions or concerns. 

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Please remember to change your smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries twice a year. We recommend doing this at the Spring and Fall time change. 

Risk Assessment

Enforce CT General Statute Chapter 541 as well as numerous codes that are promulgated under the provision of the statutes. 

Inspect all buildings and facilities of public service and occupancies regulated by the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code. The CSFSC covers all occupancies except one and two family dwellings and premises used in manufacturing. Inspections include fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, storage of hazardous materials, certificate of occupancy inspections and code consultations.

Notify the Labor Commission of fire hazards found in manufacturing establishments.

Enforce statutes regulating the installation & use of space heaters.

Enforce CT Flammable & Combustible Liquids regulations, including inspecting all flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks, all cargo tank vehicles & dispensing facilities (e.g. gasoline stations). Provide safety tips and advice to the general public.

Assist the general public and businesses with emergency and pre-incident fire plans and fire exit drills. 

Risk Reduction

Investigate cause, origin and circumstance of all fires, to determine if there is commission of a crime and to determine product safety issues and areas upon which to concentrate fire prevention education.

Issue permits for use, transportation & storage of explosives in compliance with State Explosive Regulations.

Investigate complaints concerning explosives.

Inspect explosive storage magazines.

Spot-check all job sites where explosives are being used.

Inspect the removal of underground fuel storage tanks.

Inspect all dry cleaning and dry dyeing establishments.

Conduct site inspections of tents and portable structures for compliance with fire safety regulations.

Conduct review of plans and specifications for various occupancies & facilities being proposed or renovated within the Town for compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code.

Upon receiving a complaint, inspect one and two family dwellings to assure statutory requirements regarding smoke detection & warning equipment are satisfied.

All local fire marshals are also required to attend schools and seminars to keep abreast of the code, regulations and new technology. They are required to maintain ninety (90) hours of continuing education credit over a three (3) year period as well as be certified by the State Fire Marshal.

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Business Owners/Multi Family Owners: The Fire Marshal's Office can assist you with safety planning, such as fire drills, how to use a fire extinguisher and the proper placement of smoke/carbon detectors. Also, kindly update the Contact Information Form if there are any changes.