Tax Assessors Office, 10 Main Street, New Milford, CT

Telephone - 860-355-6070

Fax - 860-355-3319


Tax Assessor - Brian Lastra, CCMA II 

Assessors Statistician - Mary Zullo, CCMA I

Assessors Technician - Jill Lucas

Links on the Default Page:

  • Personal Property: All Business’s & unregistered Motor Vehicles Due November 1
  • Links to Application
    1. Personal Property Short Form
    2. Personal Property Full Form
    3. Mfg Exemption Itemized List Form: if filing for Mfg Exemption you must file this itemized list
    4. Application Mfg Exempt Form
    5. Farm Machinery and Horse Exemption Form
    6. Unregistered Motor Vehicle Form
    7. M65 Exemption Commercial Motor Vehicle
    8. State Statutes 12-40 thru 12-80(g)


  • Exemption: Blind, Disabled 
  • Farm, Forest, Open Space Information and applications
  • Links to Applications:
    1. Certified Foresters State of Connecticut
    2. Form M39 Forest Application
    3. Form M29 Farm Exemption
    4. Form M28 Exemption of Farm Machinery, Horses and Ponies
    5. Form M30 Open Space Classification
    6. Form 30A Open Space Classification for Tax Exempt Organizations


  • Motor Vehicle Information
  • Links to:
    1. Dept of Motor Vehicle Online
    2. Report Reg out of State MV Anonymously

  1. February Application – Real Estate, Personal Property, Supplemental Motor Vehicle
  2. Authorization Form
  3. September Application & Authorization Form Attached – Motor Vehicle Grand List Only
  4. Process