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Highway Department:

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Report a power outage, wires down, or tree in wires.


Due to changing conditions, we utilize our facebook page to provide timely updates.

About power restoration, Eversource can be reached at 1-800-286-2000.

Be Safe!

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Bridges Design and Reconstruction:

Mud Pond Road and Gaylord Road Bridge Presentation here: Powerpoint

Cherniske Road Bridge - under design by Anchor Engineering - estimated construction ~2020

Gaylord Road Bridge - under design by WMC estimated construction ~2019

Merryall Road Bridge - under design by WMC 2018 - estimated construction TBD

Mill Street Bridge - Mill Street is OPEN, but Dayton Construction still has to complete the guiderail and bridge rail.  Temporary safety measures are in place to allow for vehicular traffic.

Mud Pond Road Bridge - under design by WMC - estimated construction ~2019

Tamarack Road Bridge -  under design by Freeman Companies - estimated construction ~2019

 Eversource has contracted Lewis Tree to manage vegetation around the power lines in New Milford. They usually spend up to a week in one location before moving to the next assignment.

Drainage - repair and replacement of storm drainage is ongoing

Gravel road drainage and grading - 27 miles on a 6-7 week cycle - weather and equipment permitting

Capital, Highway Road Projects and preventative maintenance plans are being developed for 2019/2020 budget presentation. Our Municipal Road Committee and DPW are working to cost effectively improve our road system.

Department Documents

For 2018/2019, budget preparation has begun and our budget requests will be reviewed in January for presentation to the Town Council, Board of Finance and Public.  Our focus is on safety and asset preservation.

For 2017/2018, we have performed 6.5 miles of crack seal, ~18 miles of chip seal, 2.5 miles of mill and patch, and several resurfacing projects. Additional work is planned thru summer 2018.

In 2016/2017, we have performed ~5 miles of crack seal, 17 miles of chip seal and 5.5 miles of mill and patch.

In 2015/2016, we performed preventative and proactive maintenance as a cost effective strategy to provide a safe and efficient road system. We have performed~15 miles of chip seal and performed mill and patch on ~8 miles of road to address the extremely distressed portions those roads.  Crack seal is occurred on ~5-6 miles of road.

In 2014/2015, we will reconstruct 0.9 miles of road. Public input on the value of infrastructure projects is the only way to ensure funding is maintained or changed positively. 

In 2014, your investment in New Milford roads has reconstructed 0.7 miles, has chip sealed 13.6 miles, performed a mill and fill of 6.3 miles and we crack sealed 1.5 miles. 

In 2013,  your investment in New Milford roads has reconstructed 3.4 miles of roads in 2013, chip sealed 9 miles of roads and crack sealed over 20 miles of roads.


The Highway Department is comprised of a superintendent, highway foreman, working highway foreman and 31 highway maintenance personnel including a vehicle maintenance supervisor and four vehicle maintenance personnel.  The Public Works Department owns 24 dump trucks, five small trucks, two front loaders, two graders, two backhoes, five pick up trucks, a van, an excavator, a 10 and 5 ton roller, a catch-basin cleaner, three sweepers, and various other tractors and small equipment.  In addition we maintain more than 15 vehicles and pieces of equipment for other town departments and agencies.

The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance, drainage and snow plowing for all 181.53 miles of paved roads and 26.71 miles of gravel roads throughout Town. Besides the obvious basics of paving and plowing the Highway department: cleans catch basins, sprays guide rails for weed control, repairs guide rails, sweeps, grades gravel roads, maintains drainage, plants trees, clears downed trees and branches, installs drainage, repairs and conducts preventative maintenance on Town vehicles, installs flags, beaver dam removal, installs and replaces signs, line stripes, patches potholes, fixes and installs curbing, responds to CSR’s [788 this year], rakes, seeds and hays new drainage installations, and mows roadsides, just to name a few daily jobs. In addition to the routine maintenance and snowplowing, the department responds to off hours emergencies. Most of these off hour emergencies are for fallen trees, black ice and vehicle accident clean ups.

For further questions, please contact us at (860)355-6040 or use the additional links.

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Contact Information

Phone: (860) 355-6045 
Main Office: (860) 355 -6040
Fax: (860) 355-6055

Working hours: 

7:00 am-3:30 pm M-F Regular Hours (Oct 1 -April 30)

6:30am -3:00pm M-F Summer Hours (May 1 - Sept 30)

Highway Superintendent: 

Robert Rzasa


Public Works Foreman:

Michael Boucher


Monday through Thursday, Oct. 27-30, there will be a private contractor performing an inspection of Veteran's Bridge between 9 am and 3 pm