Request for Bids, Request for Proposals, and Requests for Quotes:

*this is not a complete list. Please contact the purchasing department or department for current bids.

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Future Bids:

Chapel Hill Wingwall Reconstruction

Rolling Glen End Wall Reconstruction

 Peagler Hill Small Drainage Project

Wellsville Avenue Bridge #04258 - Winter 2016/2017

Still River Drive Roundabout - Winter 2016/2017

Merryall Road Bridge #05118 - Summer 2017

Mill Street Bridge #05314 - Winter 2016/2017

Gaylord Road Bridge - Fall 2017

Mud Pond Road Bridge - Fall 2017


See Projects and Grants for future project information

To be considered a responsive bidder, you must purchase a set of plans at Purchasing. Additionally addendum's may be issued before the bid opening, so please be aware before submitting your bid. 

For additional information, please reference our Town Regulations and Ordinances Chapter 2 Section 92. Town Charter and Ordinances

Proposals Received or Bids Open(approx. list some may be missing):

Bike and Trail Committee - Request for Qualifications for Consultant Services to develop design alternatives, construction plans, specifications and provide inspection services for the Town of New Milford Bike and Trail System

            RFQ Consultant Services for Bike and Trail Committee Document

         RFQ Consultant Services Notice to Consultants




Plan of Conservation and Development 2010

Transportation Management Plan 2014

Young's Field Riverwalk and Greenway - Housatonic Restoration Grant - for construction Sept. to Dec. 2016

Young's Field Riverwalk and Greenway Plan Sheet 1

Young's Field Riverwalk and Greenway Plan Sheet 2

Young's Field Planting Plan Sheet 1

Young's Field Planting Plan Sheet 2

Concrete Products - awarded

Drainage Pipe - awarded

Pavement Marking -  awarded

Storm Drainage Various Locations -awarded

CEC Demolition and Phase II Remediation Project RE-BID

CEC General Specifications/Contract

CEC Index of Technical Specifications

CEC Addendum

CEC Modified SIP

CEC Figure 1

CEC Figure 2

CEC Figure 3

CEC Mandatory Pre-bid Sign-in sheets

Capital Reserve Road Projects - Warwick Drive, Dailey Road, Carriage Drive and Archer's Lane Reconstruction - awarded Stone Construction Company

Aspetuck Ridge Road Bridge #05655 - awarded Dayton Construction  

Tree Removal - awarded

Vegetation Management - awarded

Bridge Street Streetscape STEAP - project in-progress

Crack Seal Bid - awarded

Chip Seal - awarded 8/20 

Demolition and Phase III Remediation Project - Century Enterprise Center 

Traffic Control - CT Traffic Control LLC.


Bituminous Concrete Materials - O&G

Earth Products - Various

Truck and Lay 

Concrete Abutment Repairs and Stream Channel Rehabilitation - Northern Landscaping

Tree Removal Services - Gentile Tree

Vegetation Management - Northern Landscaping and Advanced Construction 

Winter Products - Treated Salt, Straight Salt and Winter Sand - awarded

Wellsville Avenue Drainage Repair - awarded to M&O Construction Company, Inc. 

Road Milling and Paving Bid - various items awarded separately 

Drainage and Structure Repair - awarded to M&O Construction Company, Inc. 


Earth Products Bid - bid award estimate 6/5 

Precast Concrete Products/Catch Basins - bid award 10/31 per schedule

Treated Salt - bid award 10/17

De-icing Salt - bid award 10/17

Vegetation Management - Bid Award 10/3

Gravel Crushing - awarded to Villager Construction, Inc.

Marking Bid - awarded to Safety Markings Inc.

Bituminous Concrete Bid - awarded to O&G Industries.

Truck and Lay - Bid Opening 8/16 - awarded to Cocchiola Paving.

Mill Street Bridge RFP - Dewberry was selected by the committee.

Bid documents and plans can be picked up at Town Hall, Purchasing, 1st floor, 10 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776

Questions about bid results should be directed to Marilee Underwood, Purchasing Facilitator, (860)355-6060

Bid/specification questions should be submitted in writting or via email. Verbal questions will not be accepted.

Please contact Town Engineer Daniel Stanton, PE.

Phone: 860-355-6040
Fax: 860-355-6055

Located at 6 Young's Field Road

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Mailing Address 10 Main Street

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Phone: 860-355-6040
Fax: 860-355-6055

Office hours: at 6 Young's Field Road: M-F 8am -4:30pm

Director: Michael F. Zarba P.E.

Small drainage projects 2016.
Small drainage projects 2016.